Understanding Heart Health

Do you understand your heart health? Do you know how high blood pressure or high cholesterol affect your heart? What about diabetes? Understanding your heart health is not just about eating healthy and exercising, although a crucial step in maintaining heart health, ...

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Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year!! Ok, we are a week into the new year, how many of us have kept our resolutions?  Did we even make a resolution?  Well if you did make one and you are still on track we congratulate you.  Whatever change you have made we hope it continues. If you did...

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Winter Safety – Shoveling

It's that time of year again. Warm coats, boots and gloves, fireplaces and hot cocoa. With all that warmth comes a little cold. Icicles, slippery roads and snow. Lots of snow! We can't avoid it so we may as well embrace it. With all that snow cones the extra chore of...

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Cardiac Diagnostic Testing

The Cardiac Diagnostic Clinic offers on-site diagnostic testing to all of our patients.  There are many tests a doctor can request or require when it comes to heart health. On-site testing allows the Cardiac Diagnostic Clinic to give our patients prompt accurate...

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Explaining Heart Disease

Heart Disease is any disease that affects the function of the heart or the blood vessels of the heart. This includes heart attacks, angina, heart valve disease and strokes. Heart Disease is the leading cause of death worldwide according to the World Health...

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Lots to Offer at the Cardiac Diagnostic Clinic

The Cardiac Diagnostic Clinic we have a lot to offer our patients, other physicians and the community. Since our opening a little over 4 years ago our clinic has continued to expand to offer many on site features to make access to testing easier for our patients. On...

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Niagara Falls cardiac clinic opens on Main St.

NIAGARA FALLS - A Cardiac Diagnostic Clinic has opened on Main St. providing examinations for residents with high blood pressure, heart disease and other cardiovascular problems. It opened April 8 and is led by Dr. Masoud Goodarzi, an internal medicine professional...

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